Is Veneer better than Laminate?

Is Veneer better than Laminate?

veneer or laminate

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad! Moral – know your product and the right mix!

Similarly, Veneer has limited scope for home or office décor. If you intend to use veneer as a style statement or the spotlight points, they are the best fit. Besides they add aesthetic and unique look compared to others. Laminates, on the other hand, are more popular and are used extensively across a home or office décor. They are must-haves for wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, and other furniture.

Wooden furniture has often been the leading choice in Indian homes. Pricing is on the upper side when looking for high-grade furniture like teak wood. Many would opt for veneer or laminate to cull on the cost without compromising on the look and durability. Hence the big question — veneer or laminate? Which is better?

Laminates are typically referred to as Sun Mica in India and veneers are usually used as the most common finishing materials for furniture. Both the materials have their plus and minus points. It is important not to compromise on aesthetics while ensuring durability and minimising cost.

Laminates are usually pocket-friendly in comparison to veneers. The price for laminates is determined by the quality and the brand. Generally, veneers are costly but the fact is that high-quality veneers are much costlier compared to laminates. The kind of wood used for veneer applications depends on the veneer’s value.

Laminates are famous for being robust and durable. It is also durable and is scratch and stain-resistant. In comparison, veneers have a short shelf life. They need care and maintenance as they are susceptible to scratches often.

Laminates are mass-produced and are available in multiple arrays of designs, textures and colours. Veneers are wood made on the other hand and each of them is distinctive and offers a wooden feel to the furniture.

Being scratch-proof and water-resistant, they preserve the look for years. Veneer needs to be polished regularly to maintain the aesthetics as they require more maintenance than laminates.

Veneers serve a different purpose each for a particular décor demand. One can classify them as paper backed, phenolic backed, raw, recomposed veneer, and wood. Owing to the limited resource, they are available in a few shades. Laminates come in a myriad of colours, shades, textured, gloss, matte look, etc. They can emulate the feel of other elements such as wood or stone. Hence the range of products in laminates is more.

A veneer is a thin layer of wood that is pasted with an adhesive to a hidden surface, while a laminate is made by pressing together paper and plastic resins. Owing to various designs and colours its upper layer embodies a vast range of shades or prints of different colours.

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