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RadheShyam Laminates is a stalwart in ultimate space and decor solutions. The company was incorporated in November 2000, has 21 years of experience in distribution and providing innovative customer oriented products. A multi-brand company with an exclusive 7000 plus laminate range.


Inspiring and aesthetically appealing laminate ranges from across the word in a wide range of sizes and styles to ensure seamless services

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What are laminates?

Laminate is formed by mixing resins with thin layers of paper and a preferred finish for various surfaces like wood and MDF. It comes in several colours and prints, thus, making it the best option in home decor.

No, they are the same thing.

Decorative laminates: These are easy to seek out within the market as compared to other varieties. They are available in several colours & prints. You can use them on furniture, floors and in kitchens. These also shield the surfaces beneath.

HPL and LPL: High-pressure and low-pressure laminates. So, if you are using MDF for your furniture or within the kitchen, choose LPL; but if you are going for plywood furniture and storage, use HPL.

Industrial laminates are involved in circuit boards at home or storage and furniture at industries and hospitals. It is primarily due to their high strength, resistance to wear and tear, and fire-retardant properties.

Compact laminates are self-supporting and do not need glueing to wood or any surface.

Laminate sheets come in a wide range of colours and textures, featuring hundreds of laminate designs. You can easily choose consistent with category, colour, texture, thickness, and dimensions.

The laminate sheets are easy to wash and maintain. The appropriate way to clean is to use a soft cloth, water, and soft detergent to wipe off. Avoid using abrasive products like wire wool, bleach, and wax.


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