Edge Banding
Edge Banding

Edge Banding

If there is something that can be a perfect material for carpentry finishing solutions, edge banding is the one.  Edge banding is used to close the exposed side and raw edges of the plywood, particleboard, medium-density fibreboard (MFD) to give the appearance of a solid or more valuable material.  Edge banding not only covers plywood sides but also gives a cabinet’s finished look and protects the inner wood from warping.  You might have observed when furniture is being made, that wooden boards, when cut have raw edges.  If these raw edges are left uncovered may cause some serious problems to the furniture.  These exposed raw edges allow moisture to flow into and in turn, makes the wood warp and become lumpy.  The narrow strip around the edge of furniture is known as edge bands.  Edge banding is commercially done using hot-melt adhesive automated industry-grade heat applicators.

For modular furniture most commonly used edge bandings are PVC edge banding and wood veneer which is easy to fix and durable.

Edge bandings are of various materials like:

  • PVC edge banding – PVC (Poly Vinyl chloride) edge banding is made from thermoplastic resin.
  • PVC edge banding is known for flexibility and durability.  PVC edge bandings are of various colours and glossy.  The edge band thickness is in the range of 0. 5 – 3 mm.
  • Wood edge banding– The wooden edge tape series are heat-sensitive glue backing that can be applied easily with an iron.  These wood edge bands are durable.  The wooden edge banding is a high-glossy polish & trimmed surface to make it look beautiful.  They are available in many wooden shades.  The edge band thickness of wood edge banding comes in the range of 0.54 – 2 mm.
  • Wood veneer edge banding – Wood veneer edge banding gives a perfect solid-wood look to the plywood or veneered panel.  Wood veneer edge banding is made of real wood and pre‐sanded available in various widths ranging from 22 mm – 65 mm.  RadheShyam Laminates provide customized strips as per your requirement.
  • REHAU edge banding – When it comes to choosing an edge banding, REHAU can also be one of the best options with its durable and impact resistance features.  Available in various colours, designs, and trendy prints, you can find the right one to match your requirement.

People frequently ask will the edge bands come out.

No, the furniture makers commonly use glue for edge banding.  They are flexible under high temperatures and they are also tough under low temperatures.  Most importantly, they are water-resistant.  The best furniture provider always looks for the pieces that have the best glue for edge bands which will not chip of easily for the durability of the furniture.

You can even find more shades and colours of edge banding in our catalogue of RadheShyam Laminates.  It is a one-step store under one roof for your trendy furniture.  RadheShyam Laminates have many brands and products to modify your home in a traditional or a sophisticated way.