Facts about Wonder Strips – Edge Banding

Facts about Wonder Strips – Edge Banding

Edge Banding

 Edge Banding– Facts about Wonder Strips

If you have seen furniture making, you would possibly have noticed that wooden boards have a raw edge when cut. This edge, if left uncovered, can pose problems for the furniture. Exposure of these edges allows moisture to seep in, making the wood warp and lumpy. As they say, Necessity is the mother of invention; therefore, Edge Banding came into existence. Edge bands are placed on the edges of wood boards to cover the ends and thus seal them from moisture.

What Is Edge Banding?

Edge Banding involves the sealing of the raw edges of the wood panels.  The narrow strips of wood, PVC, or resinous material are as edge bands. Commercially, industry-grade heat applicators and a hot-melt adhesive are involved in edge banding. For modular furniture, the fabric used is usually PVC which is straightforward to repair and features a long life.

Why Should My Furniture Have An Edge Band?

Modular furniture involves using engineered wood. As such, the wood is treated and made immune to moisture by treatments. However, the natural tendency of the wood to absorb water can be reduced & not removed. Edge banding reduces the negative impact of atmospheric humidity and liquid spills on your wooden furniture. It means the strength and sturdiness of the wood increase with edge banding. So, henceforth, coffee spills on your table; it drips off the edge due to edge banding.

Is PVC The Only Material For Edge Banding?

Conventional carpenters use teak wood bands to hide the raw edges of wooden boards. Edge band tape can have makeup from PVC, acrylic, wood or wood veneer.  Most modular furniture use PVC edge bands because PVC is impermeable, which suggests that it reduces water absorption to an outsized extend. Also, modular furniture comes with a wide range of colours and shades than the alternatives available for natural wood. PVC strips match the precise shade and finish of your modular panel, creating a flawless look. Also, in comparison to real-wood bands, PVC is easy to use on curved surfaces.

So the main reasons that PVC is such a well-liked choice for edge banding are:

  • PVC edge bands are impermeable
  • PVC edge bands are available in varying shades and hues and maybe custom-made
  • Easily used on curved surfaces unlike, real wood bands

How Is Edge Banding Applied?

Essentially, an Edge band may be a thin strip of impermeable PVC that undergoes cutting to suit the dimensions of a wood panel. It is then applied to the raw edge employing a rigid adhesive. A heat roller melts the adhesive and glues the edge band over the wood. The ends are trimmed flush and bent so they do not have any sharp edges. Any surplus glue undergoes scraping & the finished edge is polished to give a flawless finish. The machine used for this process is named an Edge Bander.

If Edge Bands Glued To Wood, Won’t They Come Off Easily?

PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate) and PA (Polyamide) hot-melt glues are the most popularly used glues for edge banding. These are pliable under high temperatures, durable & solid under low temperatures. They are dry, clear & water-resistant.

When making your purchase, you ought to ask the vendor what quite glue they use for manufacturing.

Are There Different Edge Bands for various Wood Materials?

Yes. While you use PVC bands for nearly any sort of wood, the thickness of the band will differ. It is crucial to use the proper edge band for a specific material to ensure strength and sturdiness.

Which Edge Bands Are The Best?

There are several edge bands available in the market, from pre-glued ones to 3D acrylic tapes. The best one for your furniture depends on the sort of fabric of your furniture.

At RadheShyam, we supply top-quality, commercially available edge bands. Over different finishes and patterns ranging from natural wood grain to solid finishes are available. At RadheShyam, we make sure our pieces have the best glue for edge bands, which will keep them from coming off and chipping easily.

RadheShyam Laminates & Decors is an “ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Certified Organization”. We believe in on-time delivery and constant improvement in our procedures. We endeavour to have error-free dispatch, offer unparalleled customer satisfaction and constantly keep adding new brands.


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