Laminate Dealers in Bangalore

Laminate Dealers in Bangalore

Laminate Dealers.

On a shopping spree looking for interiors? There are high chances that one comes across laminates in some form or the other. Laminate material takes up the surface of a variety of products that one can think of. They are available in a myriad of colours and decorative patterns. Decorating the house is one big decision and a huge ask. From the furniture and various decoratives, you need to go through an all-inclusive process of choosing the best. This is where you need to focus on laminates.

A laminate is used as a finishing layer for plywood, Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), wooden furniture, wall panels, and flooring solutions. It is a composite artificial material and is created by pressing together thin layers of resins and flat paper. The upper layer is mostly imprinted with colours or a decorative design.

RadheShyam Laminates – the best laminate dealers in Bangalore are stalwarts in the crucial space & décor solutions space. The company was incorporated in November 2000 and has over two decades of experience in providing Innovative Customer Oriented Products that entail laminates in varied forms.

Using laminates is one of the best decisions to make as it has a variety of choices and options. Ranging from acrylic laminates to decorative laminates, they are flawless materials for residential and commercial spaces. Offering contemporary and natural aesthetics to your house, laminates are truly a classic collection for interior décor.

Benefits of Laminates:

Robust | Avant Grade | Dirt-proof | Highly durable | Easy to maintain | Scratch-resistant | Hygienic | Yen-to-ace | Aesthetic | Menial budget

The different kinds of laminates include solid colour laminate, metal finish laminate, textured laminates, gloss finish laminates, matt finish laminates, fire-retardant laminates, decorative laminates, high-pressure laminates, and low-pressure laminates. The commonly used laminate finishes entail matte, smooth, medium to high gloss laminate finishes. Furniture and walls utilise textured laminates thus giving you the tangible feel of natural substances.

Depending on the application(s) laminates are produced in sheets, board, and panels. Laminates could be used on furniture, walls, and even floors. The size of laminate sheets varies and there is no standard size. Wall panels and boards come in rectangular or square shapes and sizes.

Being a Multi-Brand Company with a privileged 7000+ laminate range, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one would be awed after paying a visit to RadheShyam Laminates’ expansive office and stocking space of 1,25,000 sq. ft. They boast of an excellent network of 5000+ dealers across Karnataka, selling 22+ certified, reputed & noteworthy brands from all over the world. RadheShyam Laminates – the top laminate dealers in Bangalore also has a presence at Hubli, Mysore, and Mangalore.

RadheShyam Laminates & Decors is an “ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Certified Organisation”, as they follow processes for on-time delivery and constant improvement in our procedures. The endeavour is to have error-free dispatch, offer unparalleled customer satisfaction, and constantly keep adding new brands. RadheShyam is undoubtedly – one of the best laminate dealers in Bangalore! We hope you found our blog beneficial. If you wish to have exquisite interiors for your home, then look no further than RadheShyam Laminates.


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