Acrylic Laminates Glossy Finish For Home Interiors

Acrylic Laminates Glossy Finish For Home Interiors

Acrylic Laminates


When one builds a home, aesthetics, comfort and safety are high on the priority list. The interiors of the home are what enhance the beauty. Home interiors, also include kitchen cabinets and wardrobe covers. In today’s times, interior designers and homemakers are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right laminate for kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Among the laminates available, acrylic laminates are among the best.

What is acrylic laminate?

Acrylic finish laminates are available in diverse colours. They are fixed to the MDF board and covered by a protective layer which gives it a very smooth finish. These boards are scratch resistant, and it look like glass due to their reflective surface. In keeping with the trends of today, they are available in solid colours.

Acrylic finish vs laminate finish

Presently, there are two main types of finishes for kitchen and wardrobe cabinets and they are acrylic finish and laminate finish.

The main parameters to compare and distinguish between the two are

  1. Visual impact: Acrylic finish give a glossy look and they enhance the visual appeal. The laminate cabinets can also be found in the glossy finish but they are not as reflective as an acrylic finish.
  2. Material: Acrylic is made up of polymer fiber. It is quite similar to a lacquer finish. It gives a smooth, seamless, mirror-like appearance to kitchen cabinets. On the other hand, laminate is made up of flat paper, and plastic resins pressed together with the help of high-pressure automated machinery.
  3. Durability and toughness: Acrylic finish retains its colour and smooth gloss for a long period. The acrylic finish looks new even after many decades.

     Laminates are highly durable and can endure wear and tear. 

  1. Repairable: If the surface is cleaned using glass cleaning spray or products containing ammonia, fine scratches can appear and also the colour of the sheet can change to a yellow tinge. Laminates tend to chip and once they are chipped they cannot be repaired.
  2. Varieties and colour: Acrylic finish is available in various colours and the colour lasts for longer periods in the acrylic finish. Laminates are also available in a wide range of colours and finishes.
  3. Maintenance: Acrylic laminates are scratch-resistant and do not chip away or fade away. They always appear ultra-glossy and flawlessly smooth. Laminates are highly resistant to scratch and can be easily maintained by wiping.
  4. Price: Acrylic laminates are more expensive compared to laminates. The rate of acrylic finish starts from Rs. 1500/square feet. Whereas laminates are quite economic and budget-friendly. The rate of laminate finish starts from Rs. 800/square feet.

Conclusion: If you want to opt for a higher visual appeal and glossy look then an acrylic finish is best. It looks better with good lighting as light tends to highlight them.

At Radheshyam laminates, we have a wide range of acrylic laminates available for residential and commercial spaces.

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