Best Laminates for your Kitchen Cabinets

Best Laminates for your Kitchen Cabinets


Laminate, of late, has made a revolutionary entry with innovative designs and ideas for bringing out the uniqueness in all that is made, may it be a home, an office, or a commercial building. This has put enough pressure to hand-pick while choosing what should be used to enhance the glamour of your spaces. Laminates have now become the preferred choice for both interiors as well as exteriors.

Laminates for Kitchen

The best kitchen laminates are available as high-pressure laminates for a plywood base and low-pressure laminates for surface particle board or MDF. Durability, moisture resistance, ease of maintenance, and availability in a vast number of colors and designs make laminates the best choice. Since your kitchen is prone to spills, scratches, heat, and moisture, a kitchen needs material that can resist these but still look elegant and modern.

Radhe Shyamthe laminate dealer in Bangalore, offers you the best kitchen laminate, which is available in a wide range of colors and sizes from glossy laminates to textured laminates everything adds to the beauty and functionality.

Though the choice of laminates, largely depends on your budget, a few of the most commonly used laminates for kitchen cabinets are described here for giving you a bird’s eye view.

Solid colour laminates

Uniform coloured laminates, without print or pattern are often used for cabinets to add a touch of fancy to your kitchen. Mix and match colours complementary to the kitchen’s colour scheme creating interest and reflecting your unique taste.

Solid colour laminates are available in two grades viz gloss and matte finish.

Metal finish laminates

Metal finish laminates with limited colour variations and hence there are fewer choices. Though these are relatively higher in their cost, they have preferred kitchen designs for a sleek, ultra-modern look.

Acrylic finish laminates

Acrylic laminates create a high-end, luxurious look for your kitchen. Acrylic finish laminates are moisture resistant and will not fade from exposure to sunlight.

Acrylic finish laminates can be comparatively expensive, prone to scratches, and need frequent cleaning due to the visibility of dirt, grease, or even finger marks.

Textured laminates

Textured laminates are designed to camouflage natural materials like wood, stone, etc at a fraction of the cost but giving the texture and feel as intended. These are scratch-resistant but tend to trap grease and grime much more frequently; a solution of soap and water can easily remove any of this. Due to this property of textured laminates, maintaining the originality is a challenge.

Gloss finish laminates

Gloss finish laminates are a wonderful choice for brightening your kitchen. The mirror-like exterior helps to reflect light, due to which kitchen can look brighter. Gloss finish laminates are best suited for smaller kitchens as lighter colours make the area appear larger. They are easy to clean but gather smudges, dust particles, and fingerprints very fast.

Matte finish laminates

For a contemporary look and a feel of class apart, matte finish laminates are suited. These laminates are less shiny and are resistant to scratches and dust, making them a low-maintenance option. Matte finish laminates won’t fade from exposure to sunlight and if cleaned by harsh chemicals. Darker shades of matte laminates can give a relatively long lifespan.

Fire retardant laminates

Fire retardant laminates are made especially for areas like your kitchen that are fire-prone. The laminate sheets are treated with fire-resistant chemicals that slow down the pace with which the fire spreads, minimize smoke emissions and delay the rise in temperature of the laminate.

These are a few examples of kitchen laminates. If you are looking at finding the best laminate, Radheshyam Laminates is a must-visit one-stop solution for all your queries about Laminates. With a wide range of some of the globally best laminate brands, we are the leading laminate distributors with a huge network of dealers throughout the state. Easy to locate and situated in the heart of the city, for the best laminates in Bangalore, look no further, Radheshyam Laminates is the one whom you can rely on.

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