Benefits of Laminates

Benefits of Laminates

benefits of laminates

There used to be a time when people identified a brand as a normal commodity. For example, to brush your teeth, people would ask “aapne Colgate kiya kya”? Similarly kitchen soap bars, music keyboards, cyclostyling machines, etc. Times have changed but this branding recall in our day to day lives still remains etched in the hearts of many. When it comes to laminates, the name RadheShyam is synonymous with the best laminates.

Laminates are available in a variety of textures and styles, such as decorative laminates, anti-bacterial laminates, HD glossy laminates, digital laminates, and chalk-grade laminates. Laminates are used in a myriad of home and kitchen décor applications. Whether it is tabletops, cabinets, shelves, floors, or furniture, laminates make an excellent choice catering to your décor needs.

Laminate could be the ideal choice for kitchen counters and platforms. Rest assured you can cut away the vegetables or grind using that small traditional grinder without fearing any damage to the laminated surface. They are scratch proof and dent proof making them robust and increasing their shelf life.

Beauty lies deep and skin-deep and so is the core of RadheShyam laminates. The aesthetics of your space depends on the choice you make to design it. Whether a home or a commercial space, a huge space or a smaller one, you don’t have to compromise on the beauty and décor of your space. Wood is an essential part when crafting and designing a space, and using decorative laminates certainly adds charm to your space.

Laminates are moisture resistant. So wipe away all your worries without worrying about your décor getting spoilt due to moisture. Besides being water-resistant, they can make huge impacts, absorb shocks and yet remain pressure resistant.

Designing your home is a big ask although using the best laminate finishing is very simple, elegant, and adds that dash of colour to your décor. Whether it’s your furniture, flooring, or walls, laminates leave an everlasting impression – making that inseparable part of you.

Be it your furniture or kitchen, flooring, or walls, laminates can embellish the space enough to leave one awed. RadheShyam has a wide range of colourful laminates and gives you more options to choose from the best to design the best. This décor becomes an inseparable part of you – your dream lair!

Finding the best laminate dealers in Bangalore is easy, just locate Radheshyam Laminates on the map, which is very easy to find and visit to explore the wide options.  We strive to offer unmatched customer satisfaction, error-free dispatch, and constantly keep augmenting new brands.  With a network of 5000+ dealers and more than 7000 laminate range, Radheshyam Laminates is the unparalleled laminate distributor in Bangalore.


RadheShyam Laminates is the market leader in different types of laminates throughout Karnataka.

For further details, you can also write to RadheShyam Laminates at info@radheshyamlaminates.com or directly talk to our team at 9110609435

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