Laminates of Acrylic or PVC

Laminates of Acrylic or PVC

Laminates of Acrylic or PVC

If it is your modular kitchen cabinets or closets, the planning and sound of your home interiors often rotate for the uppermost finish. There are many finishes from the membrane to polymer on the market, the most common option swings between acrylic sheets versus PVC laminates.
Acrylic is analogous to lacquer, made up of a polymer material. It gives the surface a reflective and glossy shine that lasts for years & is a durable alternative. It comes in bright colours that improve your interior aesthetics.

PVC laminates are polyvinyl chloride-based laminate sheets created by pressing together a paper with acrylic resins. They are pre-processed & are multi-layered. PVC laminates are thin sheets, available in matt or gloss finishes.


Pros & cons in laminates of acrylic and PVC


Acrylic provides a high-end look to your furniture, but PVC is a more economical alternative. With the bonus of higher longevity, they are available in a range of colours and textures. If budget is not a haul for you, however, nothing speaks like acrylic in class.


PVC Laminates come in several textures like matte, textured, metal, shiny, and ultra-gloss. In colour and pattern, they are flexible.
Acrylic has a wide selection of colours that have for years maintained their luster.


PVC laminates are lightweight & can bend up to 90 degrees along the sides, thus reducing the necessity for edge bands. They are appropriate for nuanced spaces like designs of ridges. They are resistant to rust, termites, fire, and water, making them suitable for kitchen cabinets and counters. Although; abrasive cleaners can leave scratches on the surface of PVC laminates, more robust.

Also, acrylic is immune to moisture and UV. It is easy to wash and maintain. Any bruises, dirt, or other wear and tear appear quickly on its glossy surface.

Best of Both

For a standard design technique, Use a mixture of both acrylic and PVC laminate sheets for the kitchen interiors. PVC laminates are best for the lower half of a modular kitchen that sees daily handling, while acrylic is suitable for the upper cabinets. It raises the planning of the kitchen while dramatically reducing the costs. For office cabinets, PVC remains commonly used.

Acrylic vs Laminates, what is the ultimate verdict? Your decision is going to be heavily influenced by your budget and the way you maintain your cabinets.

Both options suit contemporary or minimalistic interior themes and are available in a wide range of colours to fit your palette and décor theme. If you opt for a glossy effect, though, do confine in mind that high-gloss laminates will never provide you with the mirror-like finish of acrylic.

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