Is High-Pressure Laminate waterproof?

Is High-Pressure Laminate waterproof?

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When designing and decorating the house using decorative laminates, it is important to ensure that the same is of high quality and resistant to moisture.

The waterproof plywood and laminates make your house long-lasting and durable. But do you know about the HPL?

Also, are the HPL waterproof?

Various questions are associated with the HPL, so let us have a deeper look at the same before we decide to use them in construction work. Also, let us explore the features of the HPL that make them the most suited option.

About HPL

HPL is one of the most durable, decorative laminates or surface materials on the market, with improved performance attributes. HPL is made by combining layers of paper and phenolic resins and fusing them under extreme heat and pressure.

HPL, or High-Pressure Laminate, is the most common kitchen benchtop. It is made from a thin material attached to furniture or benchtops under extremely high pressure and heat. HPL is also appropriate for vertical applications such as curved panelling, WPC wall cladding, and has stronger impact resistance, making it more acceptable for high traffic environments.

Is HPL waterproof?

Yes, Definitely! When it comes to high-quality decorative laminates, HPL falls under the waterproof category. Mainly used as kitchen laminates, HPL offers a long-lasting and quality service to the customers. But that’s not it; there are multiple other features of the HPL that make them stand out.

Falling under the best category of the pre-laminated board, let us have a quick look at the broad features of the HPL in the section below.

Features Of HPL

If you plan to use the best kitchen laminates for your interiors, then HPL is indeed the best. Apart from being waterproof,

here are a few other features that make them stand out:

●       Scratch and Impact Resistance

HPL is one of the finest kitchen laminates, with a protective layer coated on them. This makes them resistant to scratches, stains, and impacts, making them look amazing and perfect in the long run.

●       Moisture Resistant

The PVC kitchen laminates that fall under the HPL category are moisture resistant. They have a very low absorption rate, making them resistant to water and remaining stable in environmental changes.

●       Economical and Easy to Install

Kitchen laminates need to be economical and easy to install. HPL is one such that ensures both these aspects. They have a great density, making them stay for long without multiple maintenance needs. Also, these can be cleaned with just a mop of cloth.

●       Heat and dust resistant

Having a hygienic and safe kitchen top is a must. With the HPL kitchen laminates, one can be sure of hygiene as these are resistant to dust. Also, these laminates are heat resistant, which makes them a perfect choice for the kitchen.

●       Long-lasting and Durable

These are the laminates made with the help of industrial adhesive glue, making them highly durable and long-lasting. Whether used in the kitchen or as door laminates, HPL is designed to ensure a long service.

●       Health and Environmental Protection

HPL is also environmentally sound as it is made from non-harmful products. High-Pressure Laminate comprises a wood fiber core wrapped in resin-soaked paper sheets. Biocompatible resins were utilized, which make them perfectly safe.


Using an HPL in designing is one of the best decisions to make. It is one of the best laminates in Bangalore, known for its quality and waterproof properties. Designed to ensure smooth edge banding, these are the best PVC laminates for the kitchen.


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