Six fashionable and classy decorative laminates for your interiors.

Six fashionable and classy decorative laminates for your interiors.

Decorative Laminates

Decorative laminates

In the last few years, laminates have been the most dominant product in the world of interiors.  In the present days most people use laminates in some form or the other for decorative and innovative purposes both for homes and commercial properties.

Laminate designs have become more abstract, innovative, and intricate.  A lot of importance has been given to the visual look.  Over the years, from the visual perspective to the aesthetic appeal, certain new themes have been brought about.  With these new modern designs, the classy decorative laminates for your interiors have evolved and reached a different level.  They are strongly heading towards becoming an essential component of every interior design

Below-mentioned are Six fashionable and classy decorative laminates for your interiors.

Textured Laminates:

The latest trend and innovation has been natural textures.  The natural laminate designs come in a variety of designs and textures and different textures such as metal, fabric, wood grains; etc.  They can be customized based on the customer’s varied needs and specifications.  Textured laminates are natural and yet a class of elegance is added to your interiors be it your home or office.

More colours and more vibrance:

Coloured and classy decorative laminates for your interiors have now been upgraded to the latest trend that takes them to a few notches up.  The new ‘in thing’ is the digital designs and patterns.  The decorative laminates can be used for different spaces such as doors, wall panels, cabinets, partitions, screens, and even tabletops.  This is sure to add a fresh new touch of class to your home.

RadheShyam Laminates is one place for fashionable and classy decorative laminates for your interiors.


The wooden laminates available give a real feel of nature and look.  They look like real wood, they are long-lasting and easy to maintain.  Taking into consideration the varied needs of customers, the available chalkboard laminates give a rustic vibe to schools, office spaces, and even homes.  There are lots of innovative laminate products available now, giving buyers ample choices to suit their needs.  The Antibacterial laminates are just perfect for clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and medical centers, as well as homes which demand a hygienic and clean environment.  RadheShyam Laminates provides the most reliable service in ultimate space, interiors, and decor solutions. At RadheShyam Laminates, we have a wide range of the best laminates in Bangalore available in various options and choices.

Features and functionality:

People are now on the lookout for better functionality.  The Decorative Fire Retardant Laminates ensure security features in terms of functionality, that is rightly needed in crowd gathering places such as theatres, auditoriums, educational and business institutions, also homes and offices.  These Fire Retardant Laminates not only offer high resistance levels but also help to reduce the emission of smoke; thus, creating a safe and friendly environment.

The right touch of magic:

The Sandwich compact laminates are on a trend in the current market.  Their unique features include having multiple cover linings, of different colors, along their edges.  This makes them stronger, durable, and you can choose and customize the colors to complement the rest of your room décor.  You can also opt to have them personalized, as this will add the right touch of magic to your home interiors and interior decors.

Newer features:

The added advantage of laminates is that they make the surface below them much stronger and steadier for use.  However; what most companies, offices, and home interiors are currently looking at is not just the visual aesthetics and durability, but they expect affordability, long-lasting features, highly resistant to withstand high temperatures, and any inevitable hazards.  So, it is the value for money along with the above-mentioned features.

Hence, in the present scenario, the decorative laminates are a trendsetter and they are here to stay.  With their new and changing trends and features, they are bound to rule the world of interiors for many more years to come. Thus, decorative laminates are a perfect choice any day, which makes the surface last much longer and resist wear and tear.

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