PVC laminates for kitchen

PVC laminates for kitchen

kitchen laminates

RadheShyam Laminates in Bangalore has a vast collection of different colours of kitchen laminates to choose from.  PVC laminates for kitchen can help you get the edge over laminates.  PVC laminates have a composition that extends the lifespan of laminates to last for decades to come.

What are PVC Laminates?

PVC laminates are Poly Vinyl Chloride multi-layered laminate sheets offering multiple applications.  PVC laminates are formed when pre-processed laminate sheets are compressed together with paper and plastic resins under high pressure and temperature.  They are available in matte, metal, and glossy finishes, and are used as a top decorative layer of raw surfaces like plywood.

Use of PVC Laminates:

PVC Laminates sheets for kitchen enhance the aesthetic appeal and look extremely attractive being highly durable and most appropriate for domestic use and homes or thus making PVC laminates for kitchen a perfect choice.

PVC Laminates from RadheShyam Laminates in Bangalore are sure to add durability to the kitchen cabinets and units in which they are placed; however, their other useful and reliable features include being highly scratch-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.  PVC Laminates are suitable for both residential and commercial properties and are widely used for office cabinets and kitchen cabinets, modular kitchen units, furniture, wardrobes, and door laminates.  They are available in matte and glossy finishes, thin, flexible, and can be bent without breaking. Hence, PVC laminates make a perfect choice for modern homes.

The advantages of using PVC laminates for kitchen include easy installation procedure serve as an economical option making it highly feasible for new homes, rented premises, small and compact kitchens, and kitchen renovations.  They are moisture-resistant, and termites do not harp on PVC kitchen cabinets.  They are available in an array of varied colours and designs, not requiring any expensive finishes.  PVC laminates are water, heat, corrosion, and termite-resistant exhibiting antibacterial properties making them ideal for modular kitchen units. Their durability in comparison to other finishes makes them conducive for long-term use.  

PVC foam boards are a less dense form of traditional PVC and are safe for kitchen cabinets due to their non-toxic and anti-chemical corrosion-resistant properties.  PVC foam boards are fairly fire resistant and provide heat insulation.

Maintenance of PVC Laminates:

RadheShyam Laminates, the Best laminates in Bangalore offer PVC Laminates that facilitate easy maintenance as gentle cleaning with a mild liquid detergent or mild soap using a clean, wet, and non-abrasive cotton cloth.  Acetone can be added to remove stubborn stains.  After you are done with cleaning ensure to keep the surface area clean and dry as the damp laminate surface will leave behind visible stains further leading to warping.  Usage of harsh detergents and chemicals, wax, varnish, polish, or wet wipes with a wet cloth, to clean the laminates on furniture is to be avoided, instead, use a dry cloth and dust them clean or use a vacuum cleaner, or microfiber.  To prevent scratches and to help maintain the material’s durability for a longer time do not use sharp objects such as steel scrubbers.


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