Benefits of PVC Boards over Traditional Plywood

Benefits of PVC Boards over Traditional Plywood

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PVC boards score better when compared to traditional plywood. We have seen plywood or chip/particle boards used for many applications when building or repairing a house. However, more recently, architects and builders have started using PVC foam board instead of plywood & this seems to be a good choice owing to many reasons.


PVC Foam Boards, the first choice of Builders’ and Architects.

 PVC foam boards can replace all those applications in which traditional plywood generally used like: Construction of wardrobes, cabinets, countertops and tables, doors, shutters and door-frames, back-panels of walls, classroom desks and benches, partitions, louvres and windows, false ceilings, fences, garden furniture, walls, office workstations, wall cladding, switch cabinets, interiors of yachts, control panels, signage, column wraps, etc.

PVC boards are available in several thicknesses from WPC board manufacturers. It makes them suitable for several applications & is available in different colours too.

The specific properties of PVC boards that make them highly useful in different types of applications such as the following:

  • They are maintenance-free & do not need regular maintenance like wood and steel doors but only require dusting or wiping down with a soft cloth and cleaning agents.
  • They provide enhanced efficiency.
  • It helps to improve the project’s overall LEED or equivalent green building ratings.
  • They are light in weight and can, therefore, effortlessly loaded and transported.
  • They are low priced and provide value considering their superior durability.
  • The transportation and handling costs are less.
  • They can be used for structural purposes and as a decorative finishing material for surfaces.
  • They have a smooth finished surface.
  • The PVC board is homogenous & the density is equal at all points of the board.
  • PVC boards are water-proof, termite-resistant & last for a long time.
  • They do not contain lead/cadmium or another carcinogen.
  • PVC foam boards can be recycled and thus do not form any environmental burden.
  • PVC Boards are self-extinguishable and never erupt.


Unlike, plywood PVC Boards are moisture and corrosion resistant, can use them for construction and various building-related operations. Unlike, plywood PVC boards can run through several processes like plywood:

  • They can be slit-like Normal plywood. They can undergo cutting into desired sizes.
  • Can undergo Drilling into just like plywood.
  • You can glue one piece of PVC board with another to make the specified shape.
  • You can drive nails into PVC board, just like how you would do with plywood.
  • You can put PVC boards through a CNC router to get various shapes and in many numbers.

No matter what kind of PVC Board you use, it will always elevate the purpose used. To share – The boards can be solid, corrugate, and form-board; however, they are prepared to deliver efficiency and sustainability at the same time. The properties and materials used to prepare PVC Boards always enhance its strength, and that’s how it has been one of the cost-effective, super enticing, and impressive material which can replace building materials like wood, concrete, and clay.

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